[Savor the Central Coast] Volume #2 • Pismo Beach

September 8th, 2011


Aloha dudes!  [I’m channeling my inner surfer.]

‘Cause you know we love us some beach.

In general, any beach will do.  As long as there is sand and sea water…which, by a happy coincidence, most beaches tend to have.  Toss in an atmospheric old pier and a little beach town, streets lined with fun t-shirt and taffy shops, all the mo’ better.

The Central Coast town of Pismo Beach is exactly that.  With great wine.  It’s frankly quite amazing how a few days at the beach can change your perspective.  And a person can always use some perspective changin’ that’s for sure.

Saying that Sonoma is pretty darn spectacular is pretty much an understatement.  So much so that we tend to never wanna leave.  But we don’t have the beach and these girls need some beach every now and then.  Oh I know, I know…our Wine Country has the coast, but waaaaaah, it’s sort of far.  The Central Coast Wine Country’s coast is closer to the wine.  You can be lazing on the sand one minute and minutes later be playing bocce and sipping Gewürz at dozens of wineries.

The wonderful little town of Pismo Beach was our perfectly located home base for exploring all of the fun happenings during our three-days of pre-coverage for Sunset’s Savor the Central Coast weekend.  Whoo-hoo [!] we threw open the door of our room at The Sea Crest and breathed in a salty blast of crisp ocean air!  Mmmmm….seriously dope.  Dude.  The little welcome gift, a bottle of Edna Valley Chardonnay wasn’t too shabby either!  Far out man.

Yup, that’s the view from our balcony.  Big pimpin’ right?  The historic Pismo Beach pier is the stunning location for Savor’s Western Wine Awards gala, which is recognized as one of the highest honors bestowed upon a Western winemaker.  We are so amped [man] about attending the dinner and awards ceremony and rooting for our favorite Western Wine Awards finalists!  Well…and basically just wining and dining on an old pier.  Right?

We hadn’t been in Pismo for more than an hour before we were strolling towards town for a much-anticpated tasting appointment at the Tastes of the Valleys, a charming wine shop completely jam-packed with wine…many of them from the Central Coast and more than 500 of them available by the glass!  500?!   We were officially there to sip some of the nominated wines.  Awwwww-some!  Yup, it’s a tough job…

Oh yummy!  The wines were stellar.  Seriously.  And the company was too!  Gosh we just love these rad Central Coasters!

Someone was getting hungry [me!] so it was with great enthusiasm that we tore ourselves away from the wine and headed off to get some seafood and some more beachy views at the Sea Venture.  You can never have too many beachy views.  The sun was beginning it’s lazy descent and we had a front row seat.  Again…big pimpin’.

Bubbles were in order.  Bubbles are always in order!  Especially in the name of investigative reporting.  Gruet – a Western Wine Award nominee – is a New Mexico sparkler that is not only completely scrumptious, but also a screaming good deal!

Our feast was divine and as we crawled into our beds that evening, sated and happy, the sublime sounds of crashing surf filtered in through the open patio doors.  Another full day of adventure – zipline! – and superb food and wine – of course! – awaited us here on the Central Coast.

Interested in joining us for Sunset Magazine’s Savor the Central Coast event?  Win two tickets to Sunday’s Main Event by submitting a short poem in the comments section here or on our Facebook page as to why you would like to experience the Central Coast.  A winner will be chosen randomly and announced next Monday.  

Images taken by us, just for you.

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