[Roam] Nick’s Cove Tomales Bay

April 11th, 2012


Tomales Bay brings back a lot of childhood memories.  My dad, an avid sailor (Hobie Cat and Windsurfing) would bring out the whole family every chance he could.  Memories of my mom in the passenger seat and me in the backseat, barely tall enough to peak out the window.  Creedence Clearwater Revival playing as we snaked around the curvy coast and just when I nearly reached the point of no return for being carsick, we’d arrive at our beach destination.

So when Kristin and I were invited to a very special evening at Nick’s Cove, it felt like coming home. Nick’s has been around as long as I can remember, but it’s nothing like my old 1970’s memory of it.  I suspect the dark wooden bar and amazing water-view dining seats were there 40 years ago but now it’s all extra pretty.

We stayed in THE MOST ADORABLE cottage named Nicolina.  It felt as though we were sleeping in an old captain’s quarters on a big ship, complete with a beautiful built-in wooden sleigh bed. The room had all of the little touches of the old coast, plus the comforts of today; satellite radio, mini-bar and a heated bathroom tile floor.

Despite the sun shining bright, what you can’t see in the photos is the crazy strong wind, so we were very glad when our friends Chris and Susan made the short trek out to join us.  All four of us bundled up in the old Boat Shack at the end of the pier with our box of dominoes and a land line straight to the restaurant so our wine and fresh oyster orders stayed replenished.  The red wine kept us warm and the constant sway of the building kept us guessing if we’d be taking a swim below.  It was some crazy and unusual wind!

As the sun began its descent towards the Marin hills, our Sonoma friends returned back home and Kristin and I dabbed on some fresh lipgloss and combed out our wind-whipped hair for our 6pm dinner reservation.  We enjoyed a decadent amount of fresh and creative plates and this is the part where I won’t do it justice – this is really Kristin’s department.  What I can say is I loved every last bite of our scallops with beets, roasted quail, bubbling crock of macaroni and cheese, raw oysters and the trio of desserts.

Our Sunday stay was already amazing, but they had one more surprise in store for us.  Breakfast in bed.  Homemade scones, fruit, fresh squeezed orange juice and all of the pretty little touches that you’d expect.

Nick’s Cove is a big ‘ol bundle of wonderful, special and romantic all in one (we aren’t a couple but we could imagine how romantic it would be).  It’s the perfect getaway, whether just for an afternoon of beer and oysters or a decadent overnight stay to unwind. I recommend at least 2 nights so you can really explore and relax.


Nick’s Cove  .   www.nickscove.com

23240 Hwy 1 .  Marshall, Calif.

(415) 663-1033


Images taken by us, just for you.

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